Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions were last updated on March 17, 2024.

The following Terms and Conditions (the "T&Cs," "Terms") pertain to any and all Orders for all products and services provided and delivered by CleanCare Collective Ltd. with company number 15511612, of Dynham Road, NW6 2NR ("CleanCare," "Our," "We," "Us," "Company"), along with all users of www.trycleancare.co.uk (the "Website") and CleanCare mobile App (the "App," or "Application.”)

By using the Website and App, You ("You," also known as the "Resident") consent to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, which are mentioned below. Acceptance and adherence with all of these Terms and Conditions is required for access to and the use of the Service.

These T&Cs may exclude or restrict CleanCare's liability to You in particular occasions. You are presumed to have fully acknowledged and agreed with these Term and Conditions by registering Your data with CleanCare’s Website and/or App and then making an Order.


1.1 The current Terms and Conditions shall pertain every Order that Our Company accepts from You when You place an Order, and therefore, such acceptance of Order be confirmed, and then made readily available as a copy stored within Resident's App Order area, or optionally emailed to the e-mail address that was provided when You have placed Your Order.

1.2 We have the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any moment, and the most recent version will pertain to each Order when You execute it. Our current T&Cs will always be accessible either on the Website and/or App within the “Policy of the Application” section, which can be found within the “Profile” area in the App.

1.3 In the case where You must come in contact with Our Company, please follow the instructions in paragraph 14.


2.1 In the case where any of the following terms in capital letters appear in these Terms and Conditions, they shall signify the following:

Order Collection/Drop-Off: when utilising our Services, customers agree to the following procedure for order collection/drop-off: Residents are required to submit their items for dry cleaning or laundry by placing them in a designated drop-off crate located within the residential building premises. Alternatively, items may be left with the concierge or front desk. Customers fully understand and consent that it is their responsibility to submit their order form online via our Website or App prior to dropping off their items for cleaning. Once the items are placed in the designated drop-off crate or location, CleanCare assumes no responsibility for them. Customers acknowledge and agree that they bear full responsibility for their items while they are in the drop-off crate or location. By using our Services, customers explicitly consent to this process and absolve CleanCare of any liability for their items during the drop-off period.

Order Delivery: By utilising our Services, you explicitly consent to CleanCare delivering cleaned orders by leaving them at your apartment's doorstep/front door. You acknowledge and accept responsibility for items left at your apartment's doorstep/front door. CleanCare will place your completed order by your apartment's doorstep/front door on the selected Delivery Date, irrespective of whether you are present at the apartment or elsewhere. Once your order has been placed on your doorstep on the selected Delivery Date, CleanCare is not liable for any subsequent issues or damages. You retain the ability to change your desired Delivery date through the CleanCare Website or App. By using our Services, you are actively opting in to the "Waiver/Consent Form for Supply of Services," thereby granting us permission to act accordingly.

Order Turnaround: the Company endeavours to return/deliver all completed items/orders within 48 hours from the time of Collection, but does not guarantee it. Factors outside of the Company's control, such as unforeseen circumstances or high demand periods, may affect this turnaround time. While every effort is made to meet this timeframe, the Company cannot be held liable for delays beyond its control. Customers are encouraged to contact the Company for any concerns regarding the status of their orders. The Company will provide updates and assistance to ensure a satisfactory resolution. By utilising our Services, customers acknowledge and accept the possibility of variations in turnaround times and agree that the Company is not responsible for delays arising from factors beyond its control.

Order Payment: Upon signing up for the Service, Customers are required to enter their card details, which will be stored securely by the Company. The card will be reauthorised by the Company periodically to ensure validity. When submitting their order by selecting the appropriate Service, the Company will itemise the items and price the order accordingly. Once the items are itemised and priced, a communication will be sent to the customer via email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp. If there is no response from the customer within ten (10) minutes of sending the communication, their acceptance of the pricing is assumed, and the card on file will be charged accordingly. By signing up for our Services, customers explicitly agree to these terms regarding order payment and authorise the Company to charge their card in accordance with the itemised pricing communicated to them.

• Website: CleanCare Website;

• App: CleanCare mobile App;

• Business Mobile Phone: +44 7423 088 000 or +44 7771 211 154 – CleanCare phone number on-site at Dynham Road active during all operational business hours;
• Event Outside Our Control: any occurrence or condition over which We have no control, as defined in paragraph 13;

• Item: any garment, article, or bag of Wash, Tumble Dry, Fold, obtained from You in accordance with an Order;

• Order: Your Order for the Services offered by Us, given to You in a form approved by Us;
• Services: laundry and/or dry cleaning services collected from and delivered to Your registered address;

• Service Provider: any third party with whom We enter into a contract to help Us in offering the Services;

• Subscription Service: a service We offer to You, where if You sign-up to a Subscription Service We offer, You will enrol onto a plan which will be auto-billed on a recurring payment cycle, the regularity of which determined by the plan that You have chosen;
• Terms and Conditions or TCs: these terms and conditions as they may be modified from time to time;
• Voucher/Promotion: a voucher/promotion from CleanCare of the sort as mentioned in paragraph 18;

• Waiver/Consent Form for Supply of Services: By opting in, you consent and explicitly allow CleanCare to deliver cleaned orders by leaving them at your apartment's doorstep/front door. You also acknowledge responsibility for items left at your apartment's doorstep/front door.

• We/Our/Us/Company: In the case of Orders placed under the CleanCare brand: CleanCare, of Dynham Road, NW6 2NR

• Website: www.trycleancare.co.uk

2.2 Whenever the words “writing” or “written” are used in these Terms and Conditions, they shall have the following connotation: e-mail, notifications, text messages, and WhatsApp messages sent through the App, Website, and Business Mobile Phone.


3.1 Please double-check the information of Your Order before completing it, as Our Company will not be held accountable for any errors You commit. Please double- check, especially that Your address, apartment number, and contact information are right. In the case where You believe that You may have made a mistake, You may inform Our Company as described in paragraph 14. Any modifications to Your Order will be confirmed via notice or email. Changes are also mentioned in paragraph 4.

3.2 Any submission of an Order does not result in the formation of a contract between the parties. Such contract shall be formed and come into existence only when We send an e-mail notifying an acceptance of the Order.

3.3 The moment We accept Your Order, Our Company shall issue a specific Order number to each of Your Orders and shall notify You appropriately if and when We accept the Order. You must provide the Order number in any further correspondence with Our Company.

3.4 In the case where, under any circumstance, Our Company is incapable of executing Your Order, We shall immediately notify You through any way that We are able to, such as email, push-notification, WhatsApp or SMS.


4.1 We might very well perform a modification to Your Order with Your approval or at Our discretion as an alternative to cancelling it in line with paragraph 6. This might happen if, for instance, a particular cleaning technique would be more suitable, or if the Resident has chosen for Us to itemise for them, or if the Resident has improperly itemised items.

4.2 In the case where We make modifications to an Order, We will send You an Order amendment confirmation through email and/or push notification via the App. In this case, Resident will have ten minutes (10) to contact Us using Our Website, the App's "Chat" feature and/or Our business phone +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000. In the instance of no contact within this ten (10) minutes, it is deemed an acceptance by You to proceed with the servicing of Your Order at the pricing and itemisation We have updated.


5.1 Consumers have the legal right to withdraw an Order within 14 days. When You place an Order, nonetheless, You accept that Your decision to cancel will be limited or lost if the Services (or any portion of them) are given during this 14-day period.

5.2 Our Company provides the benefit of cancellation or reschedule of an Order without any additional cost, if, after We have received Your Item(s), We are impacted by an Event Outside Our Control. This can be done by notifying Us using Our Website, the "Chat" option within the App, or by calling Our business phone at +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000.


6.1 Our Company retains the power, at Our discretion, to cancel Your Order and the contract between You and Us in the situations below:

(a) as a consequence of an unforeseen event; or
(b) In the case where You do not make Items accessible for pickup; or
(c) In the case where Our Company believes that any Item somehow does not relate with the Order, is damaged, lacks cleaning instructions, or does not fall within the Items that We accept. In the case where You are uncertain which items We accept, kindly contact Us via Our Website, via the "Chat" function within the App, or by calling Our business phone +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000.

6.2 If, for any reason, Our Company deems necessary to cancel Your Order, then We will notify You by phone, WhatsApp, SMS, App notification, and/or email and (where appropriate) schedule for the Item(s) to be delivered to You as soon as reasonably practicable.


7.1 In accordance with Paragraph 12, We shall make reasonable efforts to collect and deliver Items on the dates and times mentioned in the Order, but We cannot ensure this. Our Company shall take substantial efforts to notify You of any delays through phone, WhatsApp, SMS, push notification, and/or email.

7.2 In the case where You would like to change the delivery date of Items, You may rearrange using the Website, App's "Chat" feature or by messaging Our business phone WhatsApp +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000 to arrange a more convenient date.

7.3 In the case where delivery is not feasible date, We will make every effort to identify an acceptable redelivery date.

7.4 In the case where You do not accept the delivery or request for redelivery within 90 days of the original delivery date, Our Company reserves the right to dispose of the Item(s) or give them to an authorised charity of Our choosing.

7.5 We give the opportunity to arrange for the Items to be retrieved from, or re- delivered to a third-party, only in the instance that You take full responsibility by indemnifying and holding harmless Our Company, and only after the third-party has signed an acknowledgement on Your behalf. This is with the exception of Concierge, we do not allow for Orders to be collected or dropped-off with Concierge departments.

7.6 We shall collect Your Order from the designated drop-off area, or Your apartment door or otherwise:

(a) Every item that is labelled as "Wash, Tumble Dry, Fold" will be washed at either 30°c or 60°c (as Your selection at time of Order), tumble dried on a medium heat, folded, and charged at the cost listed in Our price list. Such costs will be specified in Your Order before the cleaning, including any of the updates to charges if re-calculated after We've itemised and processed Ourselves, and You will have the option to Accept, Reject, or Query within a 10-minute timeframe. If no answer is received within 10 minutes, this is presumed Accepted, and We will proceed with Servicing and cleaning such Order. "Wash, Dry, and Fold" does include bedding and/or towels.

(b) All Premium Laundry and Dry Cleaning items will be itemised separately, and will be cleaned according to the care label. If the items do not have a care label, We shall either clean them in the manner We deem appropriate, or We may choose to cancel such item(s) from Your Order to best prevent damaging such garment. Please keep in mind that We shall not be held liable if any harm occurs in these cases where We do proceed to launder such items. (c) In the case where the bag that We supply You is filled with "Wash, Dry, Fold," We will not reassign the contents of a bag to another Service (Premium Laundry and/or Dry Cleaning) except if You have expressly asked Us to do that before We begin Servicing the goods, and We have then affirmed this to You in writing via the Website, App, push notification, Business Mobile Phone (WhatsApp / SMS) or email.


8.1 In accordance with industry guidelines, We shall perform the Services with reasonable care and expertise.

8.2 Our Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to execute Our Services if You fail to submit correct information in Your Order, such as if an address or contact details are missing or wrong, or if You neglect to receive delivery of Items in accordance with an Order.

8.3 Our Company may inform You via email or return the Items unprocessed if We believe any Items submitted to Us are at a greater risk of harm, including but not limited to the following:

(a) having particular cleaning needs or recommendations; or
(b) damaged or stained; or
(c) containing an extraneous or harmful thing, e.g., pins, jewellery, coins, etc., and We may decide to offer the Services at Your responsibility in regard of those Items at Our discretion and with Your consent; or (d) without a care label.

8.4 You have the right to provide any specific instructions with Your Order. Nonetheless, Our Company cannot ensure that they will be followed if they are outside of Our usual operations or contradict the care label requirements.

8.5 Wash, Dry, Fold Orders

(a) You must properly inspect all Items for dangerous objects such as coins, pens, keys, cosmetics, papers, and so on, as We assume no liability for any objects lost or destroyed, nor for harm to Items as a consequence of the cleaning procedure if such objects are detected. (b) The load is washed on a 30°c or 60°c cycle (customer preference) and tumble dried on a medium heat. Please keep in mind that the items will not be ironed. (c) Our Company assumes no liability for any bleeding or colour transfer that may occur during the cleaning procedure. (d) We may weigh the laundry upon receipt and (if required) adjust the fee based on the information You provided at the time Your Order was placed.

If there is a weight restriction per Order Item, any surplus will be charged as one or more new Order Items, depending on the total. You will receive an email confirmation or push notification via the Website or App, informing You that Your Order has been updated, which You can see within “Order” in the Website or App with any modifications detailed, and You will have 10 minutes to contact Us before We proceed. If You do not respond within 10 minutes, Your Acceptance is assumed.

(e) We wash by the load (just Your one Wash, Dry, Fold bag contents at a time) and do not verify each garment's care label in Wash, Dry, Fold Orders. As a result, We cannot be held accountable for damage to Items as a result of failing to follow the recommendations on a care label. (f) We recommend for Items that require particular treatment, such as leather, silk, cashmere, fur, velvet, and other delicate and/or expensive clothes, these should be itemised as Premium Laundry / Dry Cleaning. Such Items may not be suitable for tumble drying. We will not be held accountable for anything damaged as a result of regular tumble dryer processing. (g) Orders for Wash, Dry, Fold can contain bedding and/or towels.

(h) Wash, Dry, Fold Items are marked by the load rather than individually. As a result, We cannot bear responsibility for missing items.
(i) If You select a 60°c cycle, please bear in mind not to put items in that may incur shrinkage, this responsibility rests with Yourself, We can not be held liable for this.

8.6 Pre-pay Credit
(a) You can choose to Pre-pay credit onto Your account. If You would like to do this, message Us via “Chat” App and We will handle this transaction for You.
(b) Items You submit from time to time will be deducted from Your pre-paid balance until the balance reaches zero.

(c) Credit can only be used on the account used to purchase the Pre-pay and cannot be exchanged or traded.
(d) Pre-pay credits will expire 365 days after purchase. Any unused allowance will no longer be available to use after this time.


9.1 In the instance You have any problems with Our Services, do not hesitate to get in touch with Us via the Website, the App's "Chat" feature, or by dialling Our Business Mobile Phone by WhatsApp or SMS: +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000.

9.2 Every complaint must be sent to Us within 48 hours after the Item's collection/delivery. The products relating to a delivery must definitely be unworn and have facility tags (if and where relevant). In the case where You feel that Our Company is in breach of Our responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions, and consequently You notify Us more than 48 hours after delivery, We might investigate as a courtesy, but We may not assume liability.

9.3 In the case where Our Services are not performed with adequate expertise and attention, or if the materials used are defective or not as represented, You have statutory rights. Your local Citizens' Advice Bureau or Trading Standards agency is able to provide You with legal advice. None of the clauses included in these Terms and Conditions affect Your legal rights.


10.1 The pricing of the Services is specified in Our price list on the App and/or Website and will be the price in effect when You submit Your Order. Our prices are subject to change at any moment, but changes will have no effect on Orders that We have accepted in compliance with paragraph 3.2.

10.2 VAT is included in Our prices. Nevertheless, if the VAT rate varies between both the date We accept Your Order and the date of payment, We might be required to amend the VAT rate that You pay.

10.3 We may take payment but do not actually charge Your card when You place an Order, however some banks will present it as a recent transaction. We only take payments after receiving Your Order and completing the cleaning. With the exception of Pre-paid Bundles and credit account loading, this is not the case. If Your final total differs from Your captured total (e.g., Your Order has been amended, re-itemised, and re-calculated by Us), the final cost will be collected and displayed on Your recent transactions. The sum captured will thereafter be released. Please keep in mind that it may take up to three working days for the captured money to be released and shown in Your bank account. We will collect payment from the debit or credit card information You provided with Your Order. In the case where We are incapable of accepting payment for any cause and on any occasion, You will become responsible to Us for the amount outstanding plus interest at a rate of 3% per year over Barclays Bank PLC's base lending rate. As from due date until the day of actual payment of the overdue amount, whether before or after judgment, interest will accumulate on a daily basis. You must pay Us interest in addition to any late payment.

10.4 If Your payment is contested for any reason and We incur a chargeback cost from Our credit card processor, We retain the right to charge that money back to You. We anticipate the charge to be refunded within 30 days of being contacted, and if We do not obtain payment, You are accountable to Us for the sum due plus interest at the rate of 3% per year over Barclays Bank base lending rate. From the 31st day after being informed until about the date of actual payment of the overdue sum, either before or after judgment, interest will accumulate on a daily basis. You must pay Us interest in addition to any late payment.


11.1 Our Company does not allow for the return, exchange or refund of the Rewards.

11.2 Our company has the right to modify the procedure for offering rewards at any time and for any reason without prior notice.


12.1 In the odd event that an Item is lost or damaged, We shall offer reimbursement if We are determined to be accountable after an internal inquiry. The remuneration package will be in accordance with the Textile Services Association's Fair Compensation Guidelines (TSA). According to TSA rules, fair and acceptable compensation should be offered based on wear and tear and the age of the item. Before agreeing to any compensation, We feel it fair to request receipts, bank or credit card statements proving the purchase price. In the case where We are determined to be accountable, We will follow the TSA procedures. The reimbursement will not cover any additional expenditures incurred in purchasing the Item, such as shipping, tailoring/altering fees, and so on.

12.2 We restrict Our total liability to You in relation to any Item to five (5) times the price We charge for the Item under the Order.

12.3 You must inspect the Items after delivery, and if You feel they are missing or damaged, You must notify Us within 48 hours of receiving the Items. We retain the right to inspect and document any claimed damage to any Items.

12.4 Our Company shall not be held liable for any damage to equipment that:

(a) Does not contain the original dry-cleaning ticket attached; (b) was not presented for review within 48 hours; or
(c) has been recleaned by You or a third-party.

12.5 Please note that Our Company is unaware of the worth of the Items and that We highly advise You to obtain insurance to cover the Items.

12.6 Pursuant to the subparagraphs that follow, Our Company shall reimburse You (in line with paragraph 12.1) for loss or damage caused by Our carelessness up to a maximum of £100. We shall not be liable to You for any unforeseeable loss or harm. Loss or harm is foreseeable if it is an evident result of Our breach or if it was foreseen by You and Us at the time We agreed into the Services contract.

12.7 The Services are not to be resold in any way. Our Company shall not be liable to You for any loss of profit, loss of business, disruption of business, or loss of business opportunity.

12.8 Our Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including, but not limited to, colour loss, shrinking, or other damage) caused by the following:

(a) Failure to tell Us of any unique requirements or instructions via the Preferences or Notes area during the Order process.
(b) any damage to the Item that already existed at the moment of collection; (c) any additional objects left in or on the Item, such as but not limited to coins, buttons, jewellery, cufflinks, collar stiffeners, pencils, or tie clips
(d) any additional packaging supplied with the Item, including but not limited to clothing hangers, suit bags, or personal laundry bags
(e) Our acceptance of Items that meet the criteria outlined in paragraph 8.3; (f) Items disposed of in line with paragraph 7.4;
(g) any normal wear and tear;
(h) faulty labelling on the part of the manufacturer or wrong instructions from You;
(i) any colour loss, bleeding, or shrinkage of items, particularly those mentioned in the "Wash, Tumble Dry, Fold" Service

12.9 We do not exclude or diminish Our obligation in any manner for:

(a) death or personal injury caused by negligence; or
(b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; and
(c) any other matter for which responsibility cannot be excluded or restricted by applicable law.

12.10 We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses.

12.11 Our Company shall not be held liable for any harm caused by:

(a) the unsatisfactory state of any Item that could not be easily discovered by professional inspection. This shall be applicable in particular to insufficient fabric or seam quality, material of insufficient thickness, low fabric durability, insufficient colouring or printing quality, impregnations, previously improper treatment, hidden foreign bodies, and unsatisfactory fixation of buttons, buckles, and zip fastenings; or (b) washing of clothing that cannot be cleaned or can only be cleaned slightly.

12.12 Our Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage to buttons, zips, or other comparable elements (fastenings/embellishments/etc.).

12.13 Our Company shall have permanent property of the affected object if We reimburse You for the full worth of an Item under Our care, regardless of whether in the form of money or a replacement.


13.1 In no circumstances shall Our Company be liable for any failure or delay in performing any of Our duties under these Terms and Conditions hereunder deriving from or as a result of an Event Outside Our Control, whether directly or indirectly.

13.2 An Event Outside Our Control is defined as any act or event that is over and above Our reasonable control, or the reasonable control of any of Our Service Providers including (without limitation) strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disasters, or closure or failure of public infrastructure or public or private telecommunications networks.

13.3 If and in the case where an Event Outside Our Control occurs that interferes with Our execution of Our responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions:

(a) Our Company shall get in touch with You as quickly as practicably possible to inform You as such; and
(b) Our responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions shall be suspended, and the period for execution will be prolonged, during the length of the Event Outside Our Control; or

(c) You have the right to cancel Your Order in accordance with paragraph 5.2 or We may cancel it in accordance with paragraph 6.1(a).

13.4 In the case where Your Order is cancelled, We shall return Your Item(s) to You at no additional cost.


14.1 Please contact Us if You have any queries or if You have any concerns. You may contact Us by using the Website, the "Chat" feature within the App, or through +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000 on WhatsApp or SMS.

14.2 In the case where You need to contact Us in writing, or if any of these Terms and Conditions require You to provide Us notice in writing, please email it to [email protected]. We will send You an email to confirm receipt. In the instance that We need to contact You or provide You with written notice, We will do so through the App or by e-mail at the address You supply to Us in the Order.


15.1 Our Company has the authority to handle any of the information provided to Us, in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. For more information You may visit Our Privacy Policy at www.trycleancare.co.uk/privacy-policy


16.1 Before returning an item, We inspect it thoroughly. Nevertheless, if You are not totally pleased, simply call Us within 24 hours after delivery and We will re-clean Your Item(s) at no additional cost. Any re-clean requests received after 24 hours or without a dry-cleaning ticket will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

16.2 In the case where You need a re-cleaning for Your item(s), kindly e-mail Us at [email protected], describe the issue, and provide any relevant images. A Customer Service representative can help You choose an appropriate time for recollection.

16.3 This assurance does not impact consumer’s statutory rights.


17.1 The re-cleaning policy is only applicable to specific Items that We have cleaned. The original dry-cleaning receipt must be included.

17.2 Please keep in mind that stains are not always removable. If We are unable to remove a stain, You will be notified via the ticket related to Your Item(s). Our Company is unable to provide a complimentary re-clean in this case.


18.1 Vouchers have expiration dates. Their applicability may also be limited to certain promotions.

18.2 Vouchers cannot be combined with any other promotion that Our Company provides.

18.3 Only one Voucher or coupon may be used per payment.

18.4 Vouchers are non-transferable and have no monetary value. Selling a Voucher is absolutely forbidden and renders the Voucher null and worthless.

18.5 Our Company retains the right to refuse a Voucher for any legitimate reason.

18.6 To redeem a Voucher, give the number provided on the Voucher at the time of purchase.

18.7 There may be a minimum Order value for Orders utilising a Voucher code, which varies depending on the Terms and Conditions of each deal.

18.8 Vouchers may be granted on a per-person basis and are restricted to one per person.

18.9 Vouchers cannot be used to purchase pre-paid bundles or other already discounted items.

18.10 Subscription Promotions of Our Services may be provided to You to sign up for either Weekly, Fortnightly (Bi-Weekly), or Monthly subscriptions. When a Subscription option is selected, Your 1st payment will be taken at that time of subscribing. You do not need to place an Order for that product, and can follow the aforementioned Collection/Drop-Off process.

As staff person-hours and allocation space for the Subscription Order is reserved in advance to enable the discounted rates, any no-shows will still be charged. In the event a Resident does not Drop-Off their items or submits them for Collection, We suggest for them to contact Us within 48 hours past the due Subscription collection date, where We will do Our best to arrange a collection as soon as possible forming part of that Subscription, so they are not at a financial loss.

Subscriptions will be charged on a rolling basis as per the frequency of Your Order. You can Cancel Your Subscription at any time. In the event We see misuse of the Subscription, by way of a Resident cancelling and re-instating such service more than once within a month, We reserve the right to charge standard pricing as is displayed within the menu at the time of Ordering.

We retain the right to charge normal price as indicated within the menu at the time of Ordering if We see misuse of the Subscription, such as cancelling and re-instating it more than once a month, or as We deem appropriate based on the relevant Law.

19. Order Delivery

By utilising our Services, you explicitly consent to CleanCare delivering cleaned orders by leaving them at your apartment's doorstep/front door. You acknowledge and accept responsibility for items left at your apartment's doorstep/front door. CleanCare will place your completed order by your apartment's doorstep/front door on the selected Delivery Date, irrespective of whether you are present at the apartment or elsewhere. Once your order has been placed on your doorstep on the selected Delivery Date, CleanCare is not liable for any subsequent issues or damages. You retain the ability to change your desired Delivery date through the CleanCare Website or App. By using our Services, you are actively opting in to the "Waiver/Consent Form for Supply of Services," thereby granting us permission to act accordingly.


20.1 We reserve the right to transfer Our rights and duties under these Terms and Conditions to some other organisation. If this occurs, We will tell You in advance. Your rights under these Terms and Conditions will not be affected by such transference.

20.2 The contract in which these Terms and Conditions are included is between You and Us. No one else shall have any authority to enforce any part of these Terms and Conditions.

20.3 Every and each paragraph of the current Terms and Conditions shall act autonomously. In the case where a court or any other appropriate authority rules that any of them are unconstitutional, the remaining paragraphs shall continue in full force and effect.

20.4 The current Terms and Conditions shall be governed and regulated by English Law and shall also be subject to the sole authority of English Courts.

CleanCare Collective Ltd (Company Number 15511612) of Dynham Road NW6 2NR adopt the same privacy policy terms & conditions as outlined below as CleanCloud illustrate, specifically relating to resident's data sharing for the purposes of fulfilling orders.


Waiver/ Consent Form for Supply of Services

We, CleanCare, intend to provide services for the purposes of offering laundry & dry-cleaning, with our General Terms & Conditions, under contract which is to be entered into by booking us on ‘CleanCare’ Website or mobile App (the “Agreement”).

The Agreement will be created upon Our acceptance of Your Order, indicated by Our Order Confirmation; which will be provided in a copy stored within the Website or within the App, or alternatively emailed to the email address registered at the time of Order.

Under the Agreement You consent and explicitly allow CleanCare to deliver cleaned orders by leaving them at your apartment's doorstep/front door. You also acknowledge responsibility for items left at your apartment's doorstep/front door.

You are able to request an alternative delivery date or method by informing us via Website, App's "Chat" feature or by messaging Our business phone WhatsApp +44 7771 211 154 or +44 7423 088 000.

By consenting to this Website or in-App waiver and ‘opting in’, through selected “Yes” You are consenting to the General Terms & Conditions, please see Clause 19, specifically in relation to Our “Opt in” conditions. In the event of any conflicting information between these Terms & Conditions, and those displayed on our Website, these T&Cs will take precedent.

Our General Terms & Conditions are available to view within Our Website or App under the “Policy of the Application” section, which can be found in the “Profile” area, or alternatively please request a copy by emailing – [email protected].

Periodically if you Opt-in for this additional service, we will require You to renew this Consent and confirm that You still live at the property – You will be prompted if/when this is required.

You can opt out by emailing [email protected] (CleanCare will action such cancellation with immediate effect), or you can Opt-out within your “Update Account Info” within the App by selecting “No”. If You opt out, you will no longer be considered a Customer of the Company and your account may be deleted.